Total shares: Price movements and forecasts

At a time when expert analysts in the commodities market forecast a new surge in the oil price, it can prove profitable to take position on the shares of companies closely linked to this industry, such as shares in the Total Group.

This is why we offer you the opportunity today to learn about the price movements of this share over the last ten years, as well as our predictions for the months and years to come.  


The Total Group and its activity in detail:

The Total Group is renowned worldwide and is actually the international leader of petroleum groups. Its yearly turnover is derived from various activities as follows:

  • The distribution of petroleum products, representing 45.1% of the total turnover with the operation of nearly 15,000 service stations worldwide.
  • The refining and chemicals sector amounting to 44.9% of the turnover due to the operation of 21 refineries and the manufacture of basic chemical products and specialties such as rubber and resins.
  • The development and production of hydrocarbons accounting for 10% of the turnover with more than 2 million barrels of oil produced per day in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, America and Asia.

The Total Group achieves the major part, that is 48.6%, of its turnover in Europe with 21.8% in France alone. The rest of its market is concentrated in North America and Africa.

In 2015, the Total Group employed over 100,000 people around the world.


The price and quotation of Total shares:

Total shares are French and the rate is therefore quoted in the A list of the Paris Euronext stock market.

The price of these shares also represents one of the 40 companies quoted on the French CAC 40 Index. This asset is therefore particularly representative of the French national economic activity. The price of Total shares is of course quoted on a continuous basis.


Historical movements in the price of Total shares:

By observing the stock market charts of Total shares over a ten year period the first thing we notice is that this asset has always moved in a zigzag movement. This means that its price has experienced numerous periods of successive rising and falling movements. This shows a strong volatility which therefore offers major opportunities for profits over the short and medium term.

However we can also note several major trends over the longer term. The year 2005 was marked by a noticeable rise in the price of Total shares which ended the year at around €53.00. Then followed an overall stabilisation period, punctuated by micro movements, until July 2007 when the share price reached its highest price of €63.05. This rising period gave way to a lower corrective trend until October 2008 when the share price hit a new low of €33.18.

The following two years were generally stable with a new record low seen in 2011 of €30.85. Until June 2014 the price of this asset followed a rising trend before a new lower price correction.


What is the forecast for movements in the price of Total shares:

Although the current time is not particularly favourable for the price of oil as a commodity, market analysts and specialists are agreed that the coming years should see the prices rising again. We have in fact seen a record drop in the price of black gold since the beginning of 2015. Therefore, investors should soon be able to benefit from this fall by buying at a low price.

It is the same for share prices on the stock market for companies quoted such as Total that remain extremely promising. We can already note that Total shares strongly resisted the drop in the oil price, still offering an attractive return.

Moreover, this company should differentiate from its competitors through an anticipated rise in its production over the coming years. Another advantage arises from the type of contracts signed with partner countries; shared production contracts that do not affect the oil company in case of a drop in the price.

The Total share price therefore has a promising future ahead which should offer a number of profitable opportunities for investors that hold shares or trade in them using CFDs on the stock markets.


Some useful information about the Total Group:

The Total group is a French group specialised in oil and gas which is currently one of the giants in this activity sector which includes Exxon Mobil, Shell, Chevron, BP and Conoco Philips. It is also the French company with the largest turnover over the last few years and lies in fifth position for turnover among the top European companies.

The activities of Total enable it to be active in all sectors of the oil and gas market as Total is both a producer and extractor of crude oil and natural gas, as well as being extremely active in terms of refining, sales, and the production of transformable energy.

We also note a well thought out strategic diversification of Total activities particularly those related to renewable energy which is increasingly apparent due to its SunPower and Total Solar subsidiaries, both specialised in the production of electricity through solar energy.

The Total Group also features among the international leaders of another activity sector, chemicals, due to the different specialised subsidiaries that invest heavily in research, notably related to hydrocarbons.

We can better understand the importance of the Total Group in the oil and gas sector when we know that it exercises its activities throughout the world with a strong presence in 130 countries and employs over 100,000 personnel, many of whom are employed in France. Total also possesses its own service station network with 16,000 Total sales points throughout the world and 3,700 service stations in France alone under the names Total, Total Access and Elan as well as service stations for heavy loads vehicles on the AS24 network.


Where does the oil come from that the Total Company refines and sells?

To be able to invest in a judicious manner on the Total share price it is necessary that you know the countries where the barrels of oil are produced.

It is currently in Africa that Total sources most of its oil. Central Asia and Europe are its major secondary sources followed by the Middle East and North Africa, then America and finally Pacific Asia.

The distribution of crude oil stocks of the Total Group is slightly different as it is Europe and Central Asia that have the highest concentration. The Middle East and North Africa are the next largest storage areas in terms of size which are followed in turn by Africa, America and Pacific Asia.

It is important to know the crude oil production and storage sites of Total to be able to anticipate any geopolitical events that could influence a rise or fall in the share price of this company.


Major stock market information you should know about Total shares:

Here we offer you the opportunity to learn some important stock market information about Total shares.  

  • Firstly, the Total share price is quoted on the Paris stock exchange (Euronext Paris) in a continuous manner. The Total group share price is of course included in the French national stock market Index, the CAC 40, as well as the Eurostoxx 50, Stoxx Europe 50 and Global Titane. Total has the second highest stock market capital in France with €106,817.69 million.
  • Total shares feature in the integrated oil and gas companies sector, this means they exercise activities related to exploring, drilling, distribution and sales of oil and gas products. There are currently around 2,500,706,749 Total shares being traded on the stock markets.
  • Shareholdings in the Total Group are composed as follows: 89.6% is held by private individual investors or institutions, the BlackRock investment fund holds 5.6% and 4.8% is held by salaried shareholders in the group.


Some advice for investing in the movements of the Total share price:

To invest in a judicious manner in the Total share price you should of course do everything possible to anticipate the movements of the latter.

To do so you can use various methods. The first is of course the use of technical analysis with the charts that are available through the online brokers that can be customised to suit your requirements with various major indicators.

You should then use fundamental analysis by carefully scrutinising all the events and news that may influence the price of this share. This could include the publication of the financial results of the company, the competition level in this sector and other information specific to this company such as the discovery of new oil fields or the price per barrel on the markets, as well as supply and demand figures.  

By using both these analytical methods you will be able to better predict future trends in the Total share price.

How to invest in Total shares?

Register now with a reputable Forex broker that is certified by the European authorities and start to speculate on the price of Total shares. You can therefore trade and speculate on the rise or fall in this company’s share price and speculate on its movements over the short, medium or long term.

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