Buying shares in the BP petroleum company

You probably already know that there are many different ways of investing in oil online. One of these is by trading in the shares of large petroleum companies, such as the BP Group.


Information about the BP petroleum company:

The BP petroleum company is an English group; it is one of the global leaders in the oil sector. But it engages in diverse activities that can be categorised as follows:

  • The major part of its turnover, approximately 91.5% in fact, comes from its main activity of oil refining and distribution. In total, over 7 million barrels of crude oil and refined oil are sold every day by this company.
  • Another smaller part of its turnover, amounting to 8.1%, results from the exploration and production of hydrocarbons.

BP obtains over half its turnover internationally.


About the BP petroleum company shares:

Shares of the BP petroleum company are quoted on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange and also form part of the FTSE 100 stock market index. In 2014 the company achieved a turnover of €620,192,000.

The general trend of the price of this asset over the last ten years has been fairly bearish but without any major sudden drops in the price.  This period can also be noted for the many rising correction movements and a strong fall in the price in June 2010.


How to invest in shares of the BP petroleum company?

To buy shares in the BP petroleum company you will need to use a Forex trading platform that offers the use of CFDs on stock market assets. With these Contracts for Difference you can invest in the buying or selling of these assets from large petroleum companies such as BP as well as Total and many others while simultaneously speculating on the price per barrel of oil.

A price analysis of BP shares will provide you with good indications on the direction that the price may move and will enable you to implement effective strategies. But we also recommend that you follow data from the petroleum sector such as that relating to production, demand and OPEC decisions.

Start trading in the shares of the BP petroleum company:

Are you ready to start trading in BP petroleum company shares? In that case, wait no longer, join one of the best Forex brokers on the market and start taking positions on this asset directly on the market.