Buy and sell oil online

Over the last few years individual investors have been becoming increasingly interested in the oil market. It can also be noted that the price of this energy commodity generally following an upwards trend despite strong fluctuations according to different periods. So why this strong interest in black gold and how can an individual buy oil and make profits over the short, medium or long term? This is what we will cover here with various details, information and advice.


Buying and selling oil online:

The online brokers enable you to buy and sell oil directly through the internet and through the markets, without having to physically store the oil. An excellent method of making profits from the price movements; make money by managing your own buying and selling positions on the price of oil.

The oil price has experienced numerous fluctuations since the beginning of the 70’s leading it progressively to the current level.

To trade oil, you need to know the functioning of spot markets. It was on the spot markets as crude oil traded in the short term

The WTI or West Texas Intermediate is one of the most popular types of oil traded on the financial markets. Learn about its history, characteristics and the information necessary to trade it efficiently and profitably.


Find practical information and historical data about changes in oil prices, as well as some prospects for better investing in this long-term asset.

Have free trading signals on oil, and this day is a great way to maximize your earnings without needing extensive knowledge on trading.

To achieve a good technical analysis of crude oil, follow our advice and learn how to correctly interpret its price movements due to the influence of certain elements.


Do you want to trade in oil and make profits on predicting the movements in the oil price? Here you can learn how to complete technical and fundamental analyses in order to achieve this.

To assist you in trading effectively on the stock markets we offer you the opportunity to learn about movements in the Total share price, and an analysis that enables the establishment of a forecast for its future movements.

Learn how to follow the news and events concerning oil and interpret the data received to anticipate future movements in the price of oil and thereby make profits rapidly.


Read the list of the major oil exporting countries as well as information on OPEC, the organisation responsible for regulating their production which influences the market price.

Learn how the American oil stocks can influence the price per barrel of crude oil with these complete explanations on this fundamental data and details on its precise interpretation.

Technip shares are one of the most promising shares at the moment. Learn all you need to know about the recent movements of its price and our predictions for the coming months and years.


The drop in the oil price is currently worrying many investors. Learn about the causes and reasons for this price drop and our advice on how to profit from this situation by trading online.

Learn how to invest in shares of the BP petroleum company and make profits rapidly online with this asset; read our explanations and essential information on trading in BP shares.

Why buy oil online ?

Investing in the oil market offers a certain number of advantages, as much for the long term investors that purchase barrels through banking investment products such as UCITS as, and maybe even more so, for the short term investors that conduct market transactions through the use of CFDs offered by online brokers. 

In fact it can be seen that the movements in oil have followed a rising curve for a while now, mainly due to the increase in the Asian demand as well as the various tensions that have affected the producing countries and that regularly threaten the supplies of the western world. 

Oil has become a highly popular investment product as, according to the experts, the supply cannot indefinitely satisfy the growing demand. Its price can therefore only rise too. Oil also has the advantage of offering a strong volatility that allows traders to make profits rapidly using CFDs through the price increase or decrease micro-movements.


How to really purchase oil:

There are several solutions to enable the purchase of oil such as trading in futures or term contracts which is actually the most popular at present. These contracts are offered by online brokers. Their use is however a little complicated for novice traders and also presents a certain risk factor. 

The ideal way for novice traders is to use derivatives, also offered by these brokers, such as CFDs or warrants. 

With these different solutions you can virtually buy or sell barrels of oil on the financial markets without actually having to physically own them. 

As you have no doubt noted, there are various methods for buying oil but the simplest and most profitable is considered to be online speculative investments through derivatives.


How to speculate efficiently on the price of oil online: 

You should understand that derived products such as CFDs allow you to speculate on the rise of oil as well as on the fall. You will therefore be able to anticipate any strong movements, whatever direction they take. To do so you need to know the influencing factors relative to the price of black gold. The major influences are as follows: 

  • Its correlation to the dollar: As with all commodities, the price of oil is quoted in American Dollars. Due to this fact, when the value of the dollar rises, the barrel of oil becomes more expensive for foreign investors. We can therefore notice a drop in the price of oil in this case and the contrary, a rise in the price when the dollar is weak.
  • The American stocks: The United States of America is the country that consumes the most oil worldwide, the balance of its supplies or stocks, published weekly, enables the opportunity to make fast profits. When the true stocks are higher than the requirements then we generally see a fall in the price, and vice versa.
  • The conflicts in producer countries: Finally, it is recommended to closely follow the news in the producing countries, often at war, as conflicts can often entail a certain substantial rise in rises due to worries related to a stop or slow down in supplies.